Rev. Dr. Christopher T. Metropulos
Hellenic College Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology

While the term telos is traditionally interpreted as termination, fulfillment or goal, a better translation, as used often in the context of St. Paul’s writings, is purpose or outcome (Romans 10:4).

The Telos Project, acting upon the inherent desire of today’s young adults to seek God, seeks to understand the attitudes and behaviors of youth on the Orthodox Faith and act on them. For while the message of salvation through God’s love for man is eternal, the methodology through which it is revealed can change and adapt. Orthodox websites, webcasts, podcasts, media networks, mobile applications, and social media have surely been evolving throughout the last decade, but to what telos – goal, purpose, outcome? If honest, the Orthodox Christian Church in America would say it has fallen short of raising attendance at services and regular participation in the sacraments. 

The Telos Project looks to change this. Every person is created in the image and likeness of God. We are rational, inherently desiring all that is good and beautiful. For St. Gregory of Nyssa and other Church Fathers, such desire is that of the search for God – to attempt to understand who He is and how He acts, inclusive of our own lives.  

This Project is a tremendous opportunity for our school and our Church to examine and remedy the challenge of engaging today’s young adults with the Orthodox Christian Faith. The ‘outcome’ is not only to sustain the Church on earth, but the ultimate salvation of its members in the Kingdom of Heaven with Our Lord and Savior for all eternity.