Application FAQs

Who can apply?
We invite applications from any Orthodox parish affiliated with the Assembly of Canonical Bishops of the United States of America and located in the United States.

What’s the benefit to our parish?
The Telos Project provides Orthodox parishes an unprecedented chance to have support and a collaboration network as they strive to reach young adults in their communities. We expect these pilot parishes to do amazing things, paving the way for the future of Orthodox young adult ministry and enriching their own communities. Our job is to support you with ministry resources, the latest on young adult research, and continual project design mentoring. (We may not have all the answers, but our job is to help you find them!)

What’s the application like?
Click here to view the application materials. 

When are applications due?
Applications are due June 15th, 2017

Who should we select for our team?
Each team must have at least the following members:

  • A key parish leader (parish priest, youth director, pastoral assistant, or parish council member)
  • A young adult between the ages of 23 and 29
  • Up to 5 additional members of the community

Think about gathering a team with a diverse range of skillsets, including strategic planning, event coordination and outreach, and social media. Most importantly, team members should empathize deeply with the needs of young adults and articulate clearly their commitment to the project. (Teams are encouraged to have no more than seven members.)

I want to be on my parish’s team, but don’t think I can commit to five years. Should I still apply?
Absolutely! We anticipate that pilot parish teams will have some degree of turnover. 

What is our parish signing up for?
Each parish team will be expected to send three of its members to our annual learning conference here in Boston (see consultation dates here). We will cover the cost of travel, as well as lodging and meals during the conference, for these team members. Throughout the year, teams will also participate in webinars, community surveys, and other learning opportunities.

How will you choose pilot parishes?
We will be looking for a cohort of parishes diverse in jurisdiction, size, region, and background in programming for young adults. 

Can pilot parishes receive grant funding?
Once pilot parishes are selected, they will have the opportunity to apply for modest grant funds to assist parish teams in learning from the young adults in their community and developing ministry to better engage them. These funds are modest (I.e., not enough to support a fulltime person) and there will be a matching component on the part of the parish. Funding is not the key part of this initiative, however; we want pilot parishes to be involved in this project because their parish has the interest and capacity to engage young adults.